The story of the camp Maui relics and bottles

The relic location is off the side of the gulch where the Marine's dumped their trash after burning it.  Some of the old Camp Maui pictures show the smoke from the camp fire, and their dump was not far from the camp fire.

The location is "their dump" because no one else used this place.  It is an outdoor time capsule or a place locked in the time of 1944 and 1945.  Only mosquitoes, centipedes and wild chickens live in this gulch location now.

Not very many steel relics survive the plentiful salt rain that falls there all year long unless the relics are made of stainless steel.  Most of the steel items that are dug up are rusty cans which fall apart easily.

Also, batteries and other chemicals were dumped at this location in 1944 and 1945.  All of the glass items, including complete bottles, are still there.  But most of it is broken glass and melted glass.

Tim Bauer

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The Fourth Marine Division camp Maui relics Museum